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Burlesque With Benefits

  • Boom Boom Room Burlesque live-streamed shows weekly.
  • 7 days of Free Movies! (see below)  
  • Free to sign up. 
  • Cancel anytime.
  • No credit card is needed at sign-up for burlesque shows. 
  • Chat room with nickname options, talk to the performers and ask questions. 
  • Watch from your laptop, phone, or tablet,
  • "cast" to your TV. (we use Chrome cast)
  • iPhone App coming soon.
  • Other free content coming soon, such as past live acts, live shows, and interviews with performers.


When are the shows?

Boom Boom Room Burlesque Shows are on most streamed Fridays & Saturdays around 7:00 pm CST. Sometimes we have before and after shows. Sometimes we have special events or weekday shows.

How do I get my free movies?

First, claim this offer. Then you can go to the top menu and click "Join." See the offers under "Sign-Up" and see the benefits under "Why-Join." (Note you will need to enter your credit card to claim the movie offer.)

Why do you need my name?

So we know what to call you. Also, entering your name gives you access to talk to others in the chat room. So please join the chat, and ask the performers questions. (you can use a nickname in the chat room for privacy, what is your burlesque name?)

Why do you need my email?

When you sign up with your email, we notify you of live shows.

What is Bombshell TV?

Bombshell TV is a movie site that features movies that are, well... more intelligent, independent, and deeper. If you want to try it out, there is a free offer. If you see a movie you want to watch, simply click the sign-up option, and you can get a free 7-day trial. If you like it, it is only 4.99 a month. Money made off this site supports the Boom Boom Room shows and pays royalties to the movie producers. So you are helping the performers do what they love.

Why is it free? 

Yes, because we know some people cannot afford to go, live too far away, and may be unable because they are sick or for other reasons. It is just good karma to help people. The shows are much better in person, and we have learned this, as much as we tried to make it just like being there. In the same way, it is better to go to a baseball game than watch it on TV. We also want to build a community of like-minded people on the site. It is a deeper level of fun. You become of the family.  

Also, we know that many people who go will want to sign up and upgrade; if not, that is OK.

Can I share the link with non-Boom Boom Room people?

Yes, for all the reasons listed above. Here is the link to share. Use this link:

How did Bombshell TV start?

The Boom Boom Room has been around for 12 years through many ups and down, like most things in show business. We, like everyone else, were closed during COVID. The thought of this happening again scared us. When we built the largest burlesque venue in the country. We installed a $40,000 4k 8-camera streaming system with the idea if we closed everywhere, we could stream our shows. We were not allowed to stream our content to the typical social media sites, so we invested in a high-end streaming site. We named it after the burlesque group, the Boom Boom Bombshells. After a year, we started creating some of our own behind-the-scenes content. A big-time Hollywood guy came to one of our shows and learned of the site. He loved it. So he approached us and told us he could get us real movies. This is not something just anyone can do. So we jumped on it and changed it from a Burlesque site to a Movie Streaming site. So we have all these movies, and people come from around the world. But we still have this streaming system, so we are streaming the shows and giving them away to our customers. Soon we will create our own content, but it will be much bigger, like TV shows, documentaries on how the Boom Boom Room was made, the reality TV show with the Cast, and movies.  


Disclaimer: This offer is subject to change without notice. By watching the live-stream shows, you agree you are over 18 years old. There are two gifts here, one is a free bundle, which is the burlesque shows, and the other is the movies. You can cancel either at any time. However, if you do not cancel the subscription, you will be charged depending on which offer you signed up for. 

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